Our Purpose

From the beginning we set out to develop packaging to improve the lives of others, including our employees, our customers and our communities. From protecting life-saving vaccines so they can reach the far corners of the world, to improving the safety and fuel economy of vehicles, to reducing food waste and increasing access to fresh, wholesome foods. All while also making food products safer, fresher or more convenient, and helping make sure children don’t go hungry and have access to a quality education. 

Our purpose isn’t just a collection of words. It represents the collective spirit of an organization focused on one thing: Better Packaging, Better Life. 

A Driving Force

Our purpose is engrained in our culture. In fact, it drives our culture. 

It drives our product development. 
It drives how we work with our customers and each other. 
It drives everything we do, and every decision we make. 

Working toward something truly meaningful means working toward a clear purpose. This naturally  inspires our teammates across the globe to get up and do what they do each and every day—create a better package that has an impact on creating a better life for someone.