In the early 1960’s Mr. Vito Raimondi, currently President of Raimondi Inc., moved to Chicago IL where he and his brothers worked for his Uncle. His job was to make caramel apples and as you may know, making caramel apples by hand is HARD WORK! Two or three is ok but several thousand?…….your hand starts to hurt. Well to make a long story short he went down to the basement and with a little ingenuity, he built the first caramel apple machine. Vito Raimondi then patented the machine and with the help of his uncle, William Raimondi who supplied the workshop. Vito Raimondi is still building the caramel apple equipment that now helps many other companies produce the caramel apples for the public in mass quantities.   Although there are many copies made and many companies that claim that they were the inventor and builder of the caramel apple machine, the Raimondi’s still have the patented proof with the USPTO. The business is still a family operating business that consist of Vito, Palma, Frank and Rosy Raimondi.