Kawasaki Tennessee (KTN) was founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of Kawasaki Industrial Co., Ltd. in Shizuoka Japan for the primary purpose of manufacturing automotive parts for the North America market. Our company operates on a team concept where people work together for common goals and mutual benefit. Our culture is one in which everyone – no matter what of job title – accepts and meets their responsibilities with efficiency, thoroughness and pride. Our team approach will benefit our customers, our community and especially our Team Members. For our customers, the team approach will support our vision of becoming the most efficient manufacturer of automotive parts. The parts we provide our customers will be of the highest quality, at the lowest possible cost, and will be delivered on time. For our community, the team approach provides us with a competitive advantage, increasing the prospects of our success. Only a successful company can truly benefit the community. For our Team Members, the team approach enables everyone to be involved in matters that affect us at Kawasaki Tennessee. Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in and contribute to our objectives and to the success of the Company.